About Us

Not all dog trainers are the same - some are good with dogs and not great at teaching their owners. 

We love people just as much as dogs, so we’ll talk together with you to come up with a plan together that fits your life and your preferences.  

You can come to us for online or in person group classes or private training, and we can even give you a huge head start with our ‘stay and train’ programs where your dog stays in a home environment for the initial training, which saves you from having to do the hardest part! 

Whether you need help with some of your dog’s behaviors, or your dog is just plain refusing to listen to you, that’s why we’re here.   

We know what it’s like and we’d love to help you just as we’ve helped so many others with dog training all over the United States and beyond.

Our Trainers love working with dogs and puppies every day!

They feel every day is different and exciting – new dogs, new people, new places, new behaviors to train.



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