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Are you frustrated that your dog won’t listen to you? 

Wish they had better manners, that you could keep them from pulling you down the street, jumping on people, and ignoring you when you say ‘come’?

Maybe you’ve even tried training before, without getting what you needed out of it? Maybe because the trainer didn’t listen to YOU! 

​Wish you knew a dog training expert who cared about you personally and actually listened to what you say?

Now you do!  Tell us all about what’s happening with your dog. We’ll talk about what you’d really like to do and plan out your dog’s training together in a way that’s comfortable and fun for you, too.

You know that having a dog can be so much more enjoyable and peaceful than it is now, that you and your dog can both enjoy training. 

You don’t want to give up… and now you’re in the right place!  Your dog can finally listen to you.

How does dog training work?

Not all dog trainers are the same - some are good with dogs and not great at teaching their owners.  We love people just as much as dogs, so we’ll talk together with you to come up with a plan together that fits your life and your preferences.  

You can come to us for group classes or private training, and we can even give you a huge head start with our ‘board and train’ programs where your dog stays in a home environment for the initial training, which saves you from having to do the hardest part! 

Whether you need help with some of your dog’s behaviors, or your dog is just plain refusing to listen to you, that’s why we’re here.   

We know what it’s like and we’d love to help you just as we’ve helped so many others with dog training in the Metro Detroit area. 

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Learn how Clever Canine Dog Training's GREAT DOG IN 8 WEEKS program can help you have a Great Dog!

Overcome ALL problematic behaviors from minor issues to extreme aggression.
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