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Hey Dog Owners,

BE HONEST! Is your dog driving you CRAZY?

Even a little bit?

Maybe you’re here because you have a small, nagging concern or maybe you’re here because your dog has a BIG problem.

 ​One thing we know, you love your dog. He is soooo cute. Those big, sweet eyes just melt your heart.

​BUT, is his behavior getting out of control?  Has his cuteness been the only thing that has kept you from shipping him off somewhere- anywhere?


Do you WORRY?

Worry that your precious bundle of furry energy is going to JUMP on Aunt Betty, knocking her over and breaking her hip?

 That the constant BARKING is going to irritate the wrong neighbors?

 That your Doggy Houdini is going to DASH OUT the front door, never to be seen again?



Frustrated that your sweet pup only listens when he FEELS like it, making you wonder if he is partially deaf?

 Or maybe he’s just not so smart?

 ​Or is it possible that he is the most STUBBORN dog in the world?

 You know he will come if you have his favorite treat- as long as there are no squirrels in sight. . . or the new neighbor. . . or the dog across the street. 

​Do your WALKS look more like a sled dog competition, and you’re the sled? At least for the first mile or so, until your dog tires enough to stop pulling? Of course, that’s only if you don’t come across any other dogs or joggers or bicyclists. 

THOSE days are the days you wish you had just STAYED HOME

It’s DIFFICULT to live like this. You WANT to enjoy your dog. You WANT everyone else to like your dog. It’s embarrassing when your dog misbehaves.​​​


You feel GUILTY.

Maybe you made him this way? Maybe you’re a bad dog owner.

 Well, we can assure you of one thing- You are NOT a bad dog owner.

 How do we know? You’re reading this, aren’t you?

 ​You are looking for a solution to the problem. That’s what good owners do!

 But where do you turn?

 There is so much conflicting information out there. You may have searched the web only to find loads of different advice. Maybe you watched YouTube videos. You may have poured over Pinterest. Or possibly you asked your neighbors. But how do you know who to trust?


We can HELP you have a Great Dog in 8 Weeks!

We are a family business. Dog training is our passion. AND it shows- from the parents, to the kids, to the family’s dogs that work on site daily.


We love dogs AND their owners!

Our goal is to welcome you into our family. We want to show you how to teach your dog how to behave so that he is a pleasure to be around- ALL THE TIME, not just when he is exhausted!


What would it be like to not only love your dog but to be PROUD of him too?

How nice would it be to have a dog that your company loves to visit because he is well behaved?

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a nice, leisurely stroll on a sunny Sunday afternoon WITH your dog?

Just think of the peace of mind you could have if you could leave the front door open to bring in groceries without worrying that your dog will get out. Not because he’s tied up or in a crate, but because he knows his door manners and you CAN TRUST him!

See Permanent Results in Your Dog's Behavior in 8 Weeks or Less with our Uniquely Proven Programs for All Breeds & Ages

Overcome all problematic behaviors from minor issues to extreme aggression.


Solve the ROOT cause of your dog's behavior with a systematic step-by-step training approach for any and all dog owners.


We have helped families all over Metro Detroit achieve just that.

We CAN help you, too!

If the peace of having a well-behaved dog within 8 weeks is something you are interested in, we have good news for you. The first step is easy.

 Don’t worry, it’s entirely obligation free. We will send you access to our program descriptions and pricing in e-mail with more information. You choose if you want to go further or not. It’s all up to YOU.


Interested in taking the next step to a Great Dog?

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We’ll take it from there.

 You’ve lived like this long enough. Let us help you have the life BOTH you and your dog deserve.

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Overcome ALL problematic behaviors from minor issues to extreme aggression.

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Great Dog in 8 Weeks Frequently Asked Questions

Several years ago we came together as a team of trainers and wrote down EVERY dog problem we'd dealt with and helped to fix over our decades of training dogs.

We brainstormed everything from the smaller problems like leash pulling, jumping, digging, and house training all the way up to bigger stuff like chewing, dog aggression, people aggression, animal aggression, anxiety, separation anxiety, and everything in between.

We then wrote down and brainstormed EVERY technique and method we'd used to fix those problems.

We found about an 80% overlap...meaning, fixing the smaller problems and the bigger problems had about 80% of the same training techniques being done.

We then realized that we could build in those elements as well as the other 20% needed to fix just about ANY dog problem into a 60 day time span.

We started testing it and we found that we can help over 98% of dogs overcome just about any issue in 8 weeks or less.

The last 2% tend to need just a LITTLE bit more.

Just about.  As a team we've worked with thousands of dogs from all over the globe.  And in working with thousands of dogs we've found a few that didn't make the predicted progress.


Every time we've seen this happen we've later found out certain health issues like brain tumors or thyroid problems that weren't allowing the dog to progress in their training.


Other than that, though, we've put over 100 breeds from ages of 4 months all the way to 11 years through this program.  Every dog has seen dramatic improvement provided they had an owner who practiced the techniques.

We don't claim to be the only ones who know how to train dogs. Other trainers can also do fantastic things.

So the question is, did you follow through with the other trainer?

If the answer is yes, and you still don't have results, we have a long track record of using the Great Dog in 8 Weeks program to get results where other trainers can't.

In fact, I believe we may be the only training company confident enough in our program to guarantee your results.

Our Great Dog in 8 Weeks program makes us very unique versus other trainers. Our guarantee backs that up. And our customer service is designed to make you glad you chose to work with us over other dog trainers.

I'll be honest. We aren't cheap. We are definitely one of the more expensive in Michigan.

But there's a reason we are as well as the busiest with 9 full time trainers as of this writing.

We get results that others can't. We do it more predictably. We get those results faster. And the system makes it easier on the dog and easier on the person. 

We've finely tuned this system so that any dog with any problem with any owner can see dramatic behavior improvements in 8 weeks as well as maintaining those changes long term. 

We back our system with a lifetime guarantee.

Our facilities are located on Dixie Highway in Waterford.  Our address is 4396 Dixie Highway #7 Waterford, Mi 48329.  

Don't take our word for it...


"I brought my 11 month Mountain Cur/Labrador for custom training. We live on a big property and I’m not a spring chicken and I really needed to be able to train Lacy to carry things for me. Clever Canine was the only place willing to work with my custom request. Lacy and I have learned so much during the great in 8 sessions. I’m so happy I am going there. I started with Mandy and she taught me all about the obedience training and the wonderful E-Collar. Mandy said if you can get your dog to do recall, you got it. Before we brought Lacy there she would not come when called, not even in the house. Now that I’ve been taught on how to train her, she has surpassed the E-Collar and will come when called from inside or outside without even wearing the collar! It’s so amazing. She walks without pulling on the leash. She understands at least 10 different commands and enjoys training. Lizzy helped so much with the beginning of the custom retrieving parts. I learned a lot from her and then she brought Steve into the picture to do the very specific training I needed because he loves training hunting dogs. So its all been fitting together really well. I highly recommend Clever Canine. Even though at first it felt like the price was too much, they worked with me and I have a real easy payment plan. Now I realize for the level of training that I am asking for its so worth it. If you want real friendly people, great trainers and someone to customize what you really need they will work with you. Top Notch people!"

Jeanie Berthet

"I have a 2 year old blue nose pit. I love this dog, but could not handle him any longer. After spending hundreds and hundreds on trainers and training tools I was at my end. My dog had become out of control. I could no longer have people over or enjoy my dog. I found clever canine online and in one last desperate attempt I reached out. I can honestly say I am simply amazed at the transformation in my dog. The education my dog and I have received has far exceeded my expectations. I have worked with Mandy and Steve whom have been excellent in teaching me what I’ve been doing wrong and right. They have taken every step to make sure we are comfortable, and confident in what we are doing. I can now walk my dog next to me (rather than him walking me) I can call him to me, I can even settle him down. I am able to bring people over once again."

Lisa Austin

"We will have week 4 of Great in 8 on Monday. We have learned so much, things we would have never thought of! Our rescue, one-year old pooch is doing great and we are seeing amazing progress! We will definitely continue classes after we finish this initial training session! "

Shannon Lyons

"Excellent place to take your dog if you want them trained. Highly skilled staff, they definitely know what they're talking about."

Tim Murley

"I couldnt be happier with the folks at Clever Canine. I have a 6 year old rescue French Bulldog. He was very reactive to everything, didn't have many "manners" and was particularly aggressive to other dogs. Manny is like a completely different dog after spending time with the great trainers. He is still quirky and funny but now he is also great with obedience commands. More importantly he is no longer dog aggressive."

Kevin Peace

" I’m currently in week 4 with my pit bull terrier mix. It’s just one on one and we opted not to go part of the group class. The training aspect is very thorough. My trainer has shown me possibilities (I.e. prong collar) , how to safely use it and then I decided if I wanted to continue with it. They give you the training really more so than the dog. They teach you with your dog and then we reinforce during the week until going back for the next session. I have seen results and we are only half way through. They offer payment plans which was also a positive for me. The only concern I’ve had is because they are still so new they’re still working through front office type stuff. The issues I have had were quickly addressed and satisfactory resolution provided. Its def worth at least having the conversation at a free discovery session."

Brittany Allan

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